Frequently Asked Questions

o   Your options include staying with Ignite and going to our new location next year! We will still be providing transportation to and from our new location.

o   Your child can stay at the neighborhood school at Diggs with the new operator

o   You enter lottery through Enroll Indy for other school options within the city.

o   Enroll Indy website can assist with enrolling your child for any option (

o   Yes! Ignite is in good standing with the Mayor’s Office of Education Innovation and has full support from Mayor Hogsett to continue serving families at our new and improved facility next year!

o   Yes! Prior to this year Ignite received two excellent school reviews in a row! While there’s a probationary status currently, Ignite has shown great growth in several academic areas throughout the pandemic.

o   No! Ignite is in good standing with the Mayor’s Office of Education Innovation and has full support from Mayor Hogsett to continue serving families at our new facility next year!

o   Ignite leadership had been working on a plan to for a new facility due to concerns with the partnership with IPS.  While we are thankful for the opportunity to serve with IPS and to serve at Diggs School, it was best not to renew our agreement with IPS to operate at Diggs School so that we could secure our own facility and transportation for our students.  Unfortunately, Ignite’s desire to part ways with IPS was not communicated appropriately to the news media when the announcement was made.

o   Yes! Ignite will still be providing before and after school care.

Feel free to call, text or e-mail the following administrators at any time.

Brooke Beavers, Head of School 951.206.0768 or
Shy-Quon Ely II, Head of School 317.490.3703 or
Kim Ballin, Business Operations Manager 574.276.2789 or

Ignite Achievement Academy at Elder W. Diggs School will be located at 1002 W. 25th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208

School will start promptly at 7:20am and end at 5:30pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. 4:00-5:30pm will be dedicated to after-school enrichment programming and is not required. Parents may opt to pick up for dismissal at 4pm, however any scholar that is a bus rider will not be dismissed until 5:30pm.

School will start at 7:20am and end at 11:30am on Wednesdays. Bus transportation to scholars living within the boundary will be provided during the 11:30am dismissal. There will be after-care options available for families if needed.

Scholars that live within the school boundary (CLICK HERE) will be provided free bus transportation. All other scholars must provide their own transportation.

In Indiana, a school corporation is required to provide a kindergarten program for eligible students that are 5 years old on or before August 1 of the school year.

Our classroom ratio is 24:1.

5th & 6th Grade – August 17
3rd & 4th Grade – August 19
1st & 2nd Grade – August 24
Kindergarten – August 26

The last day of school for all scholars is June 13th.
With the exception of standardized testing windows, Ignite has an open door policy. We encourage visitors and are happy to see you. Pre-approval is required if a parent/volunteer is wanting to stay past 30 minutes to observe and/or to support school needs. All guests are required to log-in with our electronic check-in system at the front office.
Ignite plans to offer a wide variety of after-school sports and clubs and will be updating this information in the near future. STAY TUNED.

Yes. All scholars will receive two polos upon enrollment. Additional dress code requirements can be found HERE.

Scholars that are eligible may receive assistance. Please reach out to our Business Office Manager, Kim Ballin if you have questions:

Kim Ballin, Business Operations Manager 574.276.2789 or

All scholars that leave early must be signed out at the front office and will be marked truant unless documentation from a doctor, dentist, court or mortician/funeral director can be provided.

All medication must be brought to the clinic and given to the school nurse. The nurse will have you complete a parent consent form for disbursement of medicine. NEVER send your scholar to school with medicine.

Always call the Front Office first (number to be announced). If in the event, you cannot get through, please reach out to one of the following staff members:

Brooke Beavers, Head of School 951.206.0768 or
Shy-Quon Ely II, Head of School 317.490.3703 or
Kim Ballin, Business Operations Manager 574.276.2789 or

Kim Ballin, Business Operations Manager 574.276.2789

To ensure the safety of your scholar, all contact information needs to be updated as soon as possible. Please drop by our office during normal business hours to complete a “Scholar Update” form.

Lost and Found items will be stored in the front office. During Winter Break, Spring Break and Summer Break any unclaimed items will be donated to charity.

We will follow the same inclement weather schedule as Indianapolis Public Schools. News stations will broadcast the closure or delay. We will also send out an automated message if school is cancelled or delayed. If in the event, you are still unsure, feel free to reach out to administration for clarification.

At Ignite, we are committed to serving the WHOLE child. The first portion of our day is devoted to a whole school community time in which scholars participate in celebrations and rituals to honor themselves and their school. All scholars receive a lunch and recess and our kindergarten scholars receive a nap time. Brain breaks are sprinkled throughout the day in which scholars dance, shout or practice calming strategies. All academic instruction ends at 4pm. From 4-5:30pm an optional enrichment block is offered for scholars to participate in clubs and other extra-curriculars.

The mission of IAA is to provide the community with an accelerated learning institution that propels scholars academically by utilizing a holistic curriculum built upon cultural and community responsiveness, project-based learning and the leading literacy, socio-emotional, and neuroscientific research; thus providing scholars rich opportunities for enrichment, achievement, and increasing degrees of impact in every field of endeavor.


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