Parent Connection

Parent University

Every semester, a Parent University and Learning Party will be provided for the parents and school community. Parent University events are designed to address parent concerns and proactively keep Ignite families up to date on relevant information that can help parents become better teachers at home. They also provide support for professional and community development for families, adults and caregivers. Stand for Children and Fathers and Families are two example organizations that have the kind of supplemental programming of which IAA will partner with to enrich families. Through community alliances like the above, IAA will serve as a wrap-around resource hub for the entire family structure via connecting families with community relevant services. Learning Parties are after school community events dedicated to a subject matter. They consist largely of make-and-take academic projects that are engaging and diverse enough for all grade levels. These school to community opportunities serve to bridge the home-to-school connection. Other events, promotions and showcases will take place on schedule throughout the year.

The mission of IAA is to provide the community with an accelerated learning institution that propels scholars academically by utilizing a holistic curriculum built upon cultural and community responsiveness, project-based learning and the leading literacy, socio-emotional, and neuroscientific research; thus providing scholars rich opportunities for enrichment, achievement, and increasing degrees of impact in every field of endeavor.


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