Mission and Values


As scholars, parents, educators, volunteers, and activists, we have seen the first hand effects of many of the atrocities that afflict and affect our community. We have seen how poverty, miseducation, inequity, lack of proper nutrition, and chronic stress has affected our youth and the community at large- especially the school experience. We have also seen that despite and in spite of these challenges, our youth are still able to grow and achieve at high levels given the right people involved in the charge, a positive and demanding culture, an effective agenda, and an abundance of sacrifice and love. At Ignite Achievement Academy, we aspire to be the change we want to see in the community. Join us as we Ignite achievement and change throughout Indy, one scholar at a time!


The Ignite Achievement Academy (IAA) vision is to enhance, engage and elevate the community through unleashing each child’s inner genius.


The mission of IAA is to provide the community with an accelerated learning institution that propels scholars academically by utilizing a holistic curriculum built upon cultural and community responsiveness, project-based learning and the leading literacy, socio-emotional, and neuroscientific research; thus providing scholars rich opportunities for enrichment, achievement, and increasing degrees of impact in every field of endeavor.

Ignite Achievement Academy believes that EVERY scholar has a genius waiting to be unleashed! Every scholar is treated as if they are gifted and talented. The core curriculum will be aligned to Common Core and Indiana Academic Standards. The school will draw upon the research of Dr. Henry Levin of Stanford University’s accelerated school philosophy. This involves a democratic process in which the culture is driven by all stakeholders.  This means that EVERYONE must have a vested interest in the transformation of the school for the overall betterment of not just the school itself, but the entire school community at large.  According to Dr. Levin, “Equity, participation, communication, collaboration, community, reflection, experimentation, trust, risk-taking, and the school as the center of expertise are among the central values that orient all actions of an accelerated school.”

Ignite Achievement Academy does not only desire strong academic outcomes for its scholars, but also relies heavily on ensuring scholars develop the Habits of Success to promote productive and joyful lives. Scholars are trained to develop growth mindsets and to become critical thinkers. These key elements include personal growth, drive, empathy, gratitude and curiosity. Every scholar at Ignite Achievement Academy will have access to a martial arts infused physical education curriculum. Scholars will learn self-respect and self-discipline. In addition, the educational foundation will center upon the latest research in neuroscience, brain compatible teaching and learning, and the attitudes and techniques consistent with this progressive research. In that way, we can leverage and create a learning environment where teaching and learning is more efficient and achieved at continually deeper levels. Additionally, the curriculum will be fortified by alliances with some of the leading researchers and scientists in the country and field of brain research and culturally responsive pedagogy.

Aspects of Ignite’s curriculum will center on project-based activity as well as community activity so that scholars can practice application of their learning while using the “community as the text” in order to make knowledge relevant and to build strong connections. A focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) will drive a majority of the Self-Directed Learning Blocks throughout the day and academic supports will be embedded during Large Group Enrichment to focus on areas such as literacy and mathematics in the form of “labs” to assist struggling scholars. Lastly, a fully functioning Brain Lab will be open to the scholars and teachers to provide an opportunity to explore and apply brain-based research and principles. Access to this lab allows for further expansion and exploration on school-wide neuro-science initiatives.

Shared commitment from all stakeholders is the mantra of Ignite Achievement Academy. Community influence and involvement will be a staple in the design of the school and scholar achievement. Parent Universities, Learning Parties, and co-curricular community alliances will be fostered to provide scholars and parents a rich educational experience. In keeping with the mission of accelerating scholars with a holistic approach, IAA will provide an environment and opportunities for scholars to develop and deepen their sense of unity and connection within their classrooms, grade levels, school community, and community at large.

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